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Why work with me?


  • I worked in the corporate sector for 15 years. 

  • I have been a business owner for over 10 years. 

  • I have helped hundreds of solopreneurs, small-mid size business owners, as well as high level corporate leaders fall in love with their business and career.

  • I have leadership and coaching certifications up the wazoo. 


But it was not always easy.


You see, I am what you might call a “highly sensitive person” (check out Dr. Elaine Aron's work). This means that I naturally pick up on the feelings, disappointments, and frustrations of the people I am close to. It also means I can easily observe what makes people unique and special. 


From a young age, this sensitivity made me a student of human nature. I was fascinated by what makes people tick, and uncovered a passion for seeing the gifts each person brings to the table.


It was not easy to be me during my years in Corporate America. It broke my heart every time my co-workers were under appreciated and under valued for their gifts, since I could see their gifts so clearly.


And it was endlessly frustrating when I was not always recognized for what I had to contribute.


I wanted to do more to help people -- especially professional women -- focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. Women are conditioned to focus on what’s “wrong,” and are always seeking to improve themselves, as if we are not enough in the first place. I wanted to change this, but wasn’t sure how. 


And then, in 2009 everything changed. 

My father died, and my grandfather passed away only weeks later. 


And suddenly, it hit me: Life Is Short! And precious! I did not have forever to waste, not doing the work my heart and soul wanted to do. 


So I committed to doing the work that was most important to me -- which was helping women own their strengths in business.  


The universe must have heard me, because shortly after making this decision I got laid off from my job after 15 years with the same company.


It was a blessing that created the space for me to start a business that took my strengths as a highly sensitive person and business coach/consultant and merge them. From there, my Crossroads Coaching & Consulting company was born.


That’s when I really began studying the science of success. I became a David Bayer Certified Mindset Facilitator, a Strengths Strategy Certified Coach, a Strengths Performance Coach, and a Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach. 


I help people stop focusing on what they think their limitations are, and focus on their incredible strengths. When we do this together, your business stops being an exercise in frustration and becomes a legacy you love…


A legacy your soul has been waiting for you to step into. 

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Professional Business Coach, Process Consultant, Strengths & Strategy Facilitator


"I was fortunate to have been introduced to Wendy during a time in my business when I needed coaching the most! She has been an incredible asset to me and my business. It has been almost 5 years now and I see Wendy as my guiding navigator and sounding board for my ideas and hurdles.”  

~Joelene Calvert, Fast Signs Franchise Owner

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