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How it Works

You are cut out to be a business leader like no one else


To master business, you need to do just one thing: unlearn the old patterns and beliefs that were given to you. Once you do, you will build a new way of living and working suited to your strengths. And your impact will become your legacy.

Here’s how we’ll help you create that legacy. When you partner with me as your business coach, you will:


  • Discover your strengths and how you are wired, and use that unique wiring to make a big difference in your own unique leadership experience, and the lives of your clients or team.

  • Move into action effortlessly.

  • Stop doing everything yourself and save time, money and resources.

  • Complete an exciting plan to create the business and vision you have always wanted.

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how it works


We will implement my 5-step “Core Strength Results” system that is completely tailored to you.

Step #1 - Get clear


We will get 100% crystal clear on what your strengths really are, and how to maximize your strengths to create the business experience of your dreams. In this first step, we will explore impact, and learn how to ensure that what you say, and how you say it, is the essence of your most effective contributions.  We will work on shifting old paradigms to make room for adapting to changing circumstances more effectively. These are one-on-one conversations with you to focus on your areas of strength and talent.

Step #2 - Look at the pain points


We will tackle those pressing issues and negative thoughts you are struggling with now so you can let go of the pressure and stress keeping you stuck. What we tell ourselves day in and day out directly effects our actions. I will help you to unlearn old patterns and beliefs that are getting in the way of your greatest gifts and talents. The secret to your next level of success will be uncovered with a simple pivot in your point of view – from fixing what’s wrong to focusing on what’s right.

Step #3 - Organize Your process


We will organize and streamline your process and actions for achieving your goals, all while keeping you safely out of overwhelm. We will visually represent key steps in your business to answer these questions, “what am I doing right now, what do I need to change to make it better, and how do I organize myself to do so?”

Step #4 - Make a plan


We will tweak your plan based on the results you are getting in real time so you dial in your ultimate business strategy and vision for success. Sometimes we think and think until we spin, and then we cannot decide what to do first. We get so locked-up in our own heads, that we stall and get nothing done. In this step, we will make a plan for you to move forward differently than you have before.

Step #5 - launch into action


We will create a timeline of customized strategies and key actions to help you stay on target. I will help you to get out of your head and address your most pressing issues. We will focus on creating sustainable action so that you can map out what action looks like now, next week, in three months, six months, one year, and even three years and beyond.

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