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Pivot Your Point-of-View!

What I have found is that many women in small-medium sized businesses are exhausted. They take on all the responsibility of the business operations, their team, their families, and feel like they will buckle under the financial strain. They are buried under the weight of all they think they SHOULD be doing.

To solve this problem, they mistakenly work harder and longer, focusing solely on short-term results. They become the business owner and leader they never wanted to work for in the first place. When really, they need to stop working long hours to compensate for feeling behind, alone, and afraid of failing.

The secret to the next level of success can be uncovered with a simple pivot in their point of view – from fixing what is wrong to focusing on what is right.

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"Wendy is amazing at being able to see both the big picture vision as well as the low-level steps you need to complete in order to get there. She takes the time to help you learn in the way that you learn best (your strengths) and sets up her strategy sessions, as well as her deliverables, based on you! She pushes you to create a business and plan based on your values, strengths, and passions. She is truly an amazing asset to have alongside you while you learn, develop and create."  

-Sarah Becker, Owner,

Clear Simple Business

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