Transform your inner critic
into an unstoppable champion.

Unlock your potential.
Step-into your true strengths.
Motivate your team like never before.



Are you working hard day and night because you are afraid of what happens if you don’t?


Is your purpose, your “big why,” lost in the myriad of details?


Are yours or others’ expectations getting in the way of results?


Have you been doing the same thing for years and asking, “is this it?” Or, “is this what I really want to be doing for the next 15-20 years?”


Is the work landscape changing, or your family changing, and you find yourself on shifting sand?


Is trying to navigate to the next level of success eating away at profit margins?


You are at a crossroads…

A crossroads of the mind, a crossroads of the heart, and a crossroads of the soul.


The story you are telling yourself is negatively impacting your mindset and creativity.


Lack of confidence in your own strengths, as well as the strengths of others, is leading to burn out. 


Many business leaders cannot see that how they lead, how they communicate, or even how they “show up” on a day-to-day basis is out of sync with who they are and what they do best. They fight themselves day in and day out.


And the DECISIONS you make because of your thinking...

...matter even more.

It’s time for a paradigm shifT












You need to do just one thing: unlearn the old patterns and beliefs that were given to you.


Once you do, you’ll build a new way of living and working suited to your strengths, needs and contributions. And your impact will become your legacy.

A Process-Driven Paradigm Shift

When you partner with me as your business coach,

you will:

  • Discover your strengths and how you’re wired, and use that unique wiring to make a tremendous difference in the lives of your clients and your team

  • Move into action effortlessly

  • Stop doing everything yourself and save time, money and resources

  • Create the leadership vision that you have been yearning for


Perfect for


Corporate Business
Unit Leaders


Who are committed, curious, courageous, and willing to have heart-centered conversations that open new possibilities for themselves and their teams to unlock their full potential. 


Entrepreneurs and

Independent Contractors


Who are single-handedly making a difference with their clients, but feel burn-out coming. They want a thought-partner to help them get back to who they are, what they do, and why they do it. 


Small-Medium Size

Business Owners


Who are in growth mode, seeking clarity about the business and the team to align their best resources with their best practices to serve their markets with renewed vision and purpose.


How it works

We will implement my 5-step “Core Strength Results” system that is completely tailored to you.

Step #1 - Get clear


We’ll get 100% crystal clear on what your strengths really are, and how you can USE your strengths to build your unique leadership style.

Step #2 - Look at the pain points


We’ll tackle any pressing issues you’re struggling with now so you can let go of the pressure and stress keeping you stuck.

Step #3 - Organize Your process


We’ll organize and streamline your process and actions for achieving your goals, all while keeping you safely out of overwhelm.

Step #4 - Make a plan


We’ll tweak the plan based on the results you’re getting in real time so you dial in your ultimate business strategy.

Step #5 - launch into action


We’ll create a calendar of customized strategies to keep you on target.

Then we’ll celebrate your wins!


And for six months, I’ll be right there beside you while you heroically claim your business savvy as the powerful business leader you are.

What you receive

The six-month program includes:

  • Tools to help you stop doing what drains you, and start doing what energizes you

  • Mindset strategies that unlock your creativity, intelligence, and unstoppable momentum in your business and life

  • Methods to change the stories that you are telling yourself that cause you to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and not good enough

  • A custom tailored plan for accomplishing your goals

  • A 90-minute launch session to jumpstart your success and impact followed by 60-minute coaching sessions two times per month with me as your Business Coach

  • A step-by-step roadmap for 2022 and beyond

  • A coaching library with your customized best practices and resources

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“Wendy is amazing at being able to see both the big picture vision as well as the low-level steps you need to complete in order to get there. She takes the time to help you learn in the way that you learn best (your strengths) and sets up her strategy sessions, as well as her deliverables, based on you! She pushes you to create a business and plan based on your values, strengths, and passions. She is truly an amazing asset to have alongside you while you learn, develop and create."


-Sarah Becker, Owner, Clear Simple Business

What you receive

Stop waiting for “then” before you take action.


Stop thinking that when you get “there” it will be time to do something different.


It’s time to take action now.


Because you are the ONLY version of YOU that exists in the world, and the vision you bring to the table is unlike anyone else’s.


You are cut out to be a leader like no one else.

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Wendy Neu

Crossroads Coaching & Consulting, Inc., SSCC, CLTMC

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