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Do You Feel Stuck?

In the work that I do with my clients, I see the highs, I see the lows, and I see nearly everything in between. The one thing that I believe, with all of my heart, is that we are on a journey. We are not stuck as much as it might feel like it in the moment. As much as our brain tries to tell us we are stuck (because our brain often tries to protect us), there is constant movement. I know this because I meet with my clients regularly, and what seems like a really stuck place suddenly shifts.

If you are willing to consider the possibility that whatever it is you are traveling through right now will lead you to a new, different path, you will never be stuck again. Here’s the thing. We always have a choice. We can choose to think differently about leadership, business, people, and situations. We can see things differently, if we are open to it. It takes courage. It even requires the ability to be humble. But it is worth it in the bigger scheme of things. I see joy and passion when my clients get through the hard stuff and consider what COULD be. It’s such a privilege to be on this journey with them. I am very grateful to be doing this work.

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