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The flurry of Activity This Holiday Season

The flurry of activity - we are 'in it' right now. Getting ready for all that goes along with the holidays, trying to finish the work things before the end of the year, staying ahead of the family responsibilities, or at least in-step with them. And the list goes on.

When you see this message pop in your inbox, stop for a minute.

Watch the video, read the quote, consider the "what if's," or just sit back in your chair and breathe.

Stop your brain from scanning all the things in the past that may have gone wrong and you're trying to fix. Stop your brain from creating all the scenarios in the future so you can control every possible outcome (control is an illusion anyway).

Just sit in this moment...

You are enough...

You have what you need to do the thing you need to do right now.

When you are finished with the thing you are doing now, then move to the next thing.

One step at a time.

This holiday season, my greatest wish for you is that you can savor each moment with those who are most important to you. Because that's what it's really about after all.

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