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Having a Healthy and Creative Mindset

What you know about your strengths and what you tell yourself about your strengths is crucial to having a healthy and creative mindset! Let me explain…

So often, as we go through our day, we don't see what we are good at, what we have skills in, or the natural talent we were born with. Our brains are wired to see problems. We work in a state of constant vigilance, jumping from one thing to the next. "How will I do this? How will I solve that? How much time do I have?" Lost in this mess of stress, we don't see anything else but the problems right in front of us, and they bog us down and keep us from really working effectively.

So, how do we turn that around? How do we accelerate our results and work passionately and creatively when our mind is caught in the tangle of problems?

The way to step into our potential, to work in a truly powerful, creative mindset, is to open the door in our mind and really see and understand what we are naturally good at!

Take a moment in the midst of the day. Slow down and assess your racing mind. What are you actually telling yourself in the moment? Our brains are designed to function on a script; the more you think a thought, the more likely you are to think it again. When the brain is in a state of stress or tension, it only has space to process that script- nothing else. The brain will continue to accept information that agrees with the script and dismiss what doesn't, and if you don't catch it in the act, you won't even realize it's happening. The brain captures information, processes it, and instructs your body to act accordingly, so when the brain is capturing information like, "This is stressful, this is hard, I am overwhelmed, I can't do this," then that is what the brain is telling your body, which will in turn cause you to feel more stressed and overwhelmed. It's a downward spiral of despair.

There is only one way to break free. YOU. You get to choose your thoughts! If you change the script, then you change the way your brain processes the world around you. Instead of "this is hard," think, "how can I make this easier?" Instead of "I am overwhelmed," think, "how can I get organized?" This is where the doorway comes in. If you can stop and redirect your thinking, you can start to utilize your great tools, your strengths! What are you good at, what do you love to do? Are you a list maker? A verbal processer? Are you visual, or do you need to pace the room? Use your strengths to navigate the challenges of work and push yourself from stress to creative, positive, effective work. Stop telling yourself there is a right or wrong way and do what comes naturally! If you can change the script in your mind, you can overcome challenges in the best way possible.

If you want to know more about how to change your thinking and capitalize on your strengths, give me a call, and let's talk about this! Coaching is a way to help us get out of our heads, stop the mindset that is dragging us down, and enter the space that is energized, creative, and powerful.

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