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Moving Mountains

In my recent post, Pick-Up-Sticks, I talked about the fact that one of my strengths is a desire to learn. I love to learn about people, places I visit, and just about anything that comes my way regarding how people live and work together. In the spirit of learning, I took the Marcus Buckingham Stand-Out assessment recently. Here is what I learned about myself:

“You are a producer. Once you've seen an idea in your head and decided on its value, you'll move heaven and earth to make it reality. Whatever you're planning, your ideas and presentation are compelling, intriguing and original. People want to jump on your bandwagon. Whenever the idea, the person, or the product you're representing (supporting, selling) is unconventional, and perhaps even unpopular, here you are at your best. You want the thrill of winning others over, of changing others' minds.” Until now, I would have never used the words “creator” or “influencer” to describe me. In fact, I was resistant to the description. However, after I thought about it for a while, I realized that I love to create new thought connections, visual aids to help put ideas together, and ways to describe concepts that help people see a different perspective. Actually, that’s where you see the “influencer” in me too. My influence is all about how to make things better for you. When I believe there is a new way, or new perspective, that will improve a situation, then yes, I will try to move mountains to help you get it done. I am sharing this with you to inspire you to learn more about yourself, think about when you are at your best.  Consider what your most valuable contributions are and when you really get down to it, what makes you happy. If you haven’t taken the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment by Tom Rath, take it. If you don’t know anything about Marcus Buckingham and the StandOut assessment, research it. Both are tools that I use to coach my clients. Both are a means to learn more about yourself and your impact on others around you. What are your experiences with these and other self-assessments? I would love to hear from you.

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