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Positively Glowing

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

As a leader in your organization, you want a role that gives you meaning and purpose. You want to feel a certain “glow” inside when all of the gears are clicking just right and you can see outstanding results from your team. I was reminded of this concept during a recent family gathering. My cousin’s face lit up when I asked him about his job. I was surprised to see how animated he became when he described not only the work that he is doing but the people he is working with. His hands made open, expressive gestures as he painted a picture of a typical workday: team members having fun, bantering back and forth, backing each other up when everyone is busy, and working hard because they believe in what they do and why they do it. My cousin was positively glowing! Because you are in a leadership role, you have positional influence and you set the tone. If you’re not positively glowing, then your team is probably not very motivated to do the work. If you’re not happy, your team is not happy. If you’re not in a meaningful and fulfilling leadership role, then the ripple effect could create a downward spiral for your entire team. If any of this rings true for you, then it’s time to try on a new perspective. What would it be like to know that you are in the right place, doing the work that you know you do really well, where you are leading a team to growth and success? In other words, where you positively glow? There are two key elements that play into leadership "glows." 

Culture Look at your organization’s culture. The topic of organizational culture has been addressed in numerous books and resources. And yet, there are still leaders and teams working in an environment bordering on chaos. Many of my clients come to me with broken or outdated work processes, ineffective action planning, and leadership development needs that are not being met. I have found in my work with leaders that culture is, without a doubt, a key indicator for success or failure.

Alignment Look at your organization’s alignment. How well are you and your team aligned with the goals and objectives of the organization as a whole? How well does your organization communicate vision, mission, and goals? Leaders and teams who work in a positive and productive culture are naturally aligned with the organization's strategy. The two go hand-in-hand. As a leader, ask yourself the following:

  • How does your organization’s values and mission inspire and motivate you?

  • How does the work that you do match your natural gifts and strengths?

  • How does the accountability level for your position fit your level of experience?

  • Is your team mutually supportive, imaginative, and dedicated?

Do you want to be positively glowing about the work that you do? You can be. It might take a little time, and you might need help with a plan to get there. But you can get there. It’s not out of arms reach, I promise.

Think about it...  I would love to hear your thoughts about your "glowing" work experiences. Please share below.

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