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Set Aside Your Notes and Speak from the Heart!

You may remember reading about The ViveX Event in my previous newsletters. The inaugural event happened earlier this month and was incredible in so many ways. LeAnn Case, the founder and leader of the event, did an amazing job bringing together women from Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota to celebrate friendships and inspire attendees to live their best lives.

I had the opportunity to speak during the closing session. Here’s where trust comes into the picture. I prepared my script, printed out my pages, read the words I wrote, and even practiced the words in my car before the event – trying to memorize what I was going to say. And at the moment when I stood up, looked at all of the women who attended the event, with the lake sparkling only a few feet away and the sun peeking out from the clouds, I folded my papers and started talking. It was in that moment, and for the next 30 minutes, that I trusted myself to speak from the heart. I made a decision right then and there that I had everything I needed and knew exactly what I needed to know to share a message with women who were interested and supporting me in so many ways.

Check out the video for more about my experience with trusting myself because, at the end of the day, you can trust yourself too! It’s not about being perfect, or right, or prepared for the millions of scenarios we play out in our heads. You have everything you need right now to do exactly what you need to do. Trust yourself. You’ve got this!

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