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Silence Your Inner Critic To Achieve Your Dreams

It has been a year since I launched the latest version of my newsletter. That was fast! I mean, I had to go back and check, because I couldn’t believe it! So I took a little journey through time, read my blogs, watched my videos, and reminisced about all that has transpired since last year. Then I took some time to listen to the most recent podcast that I had the honor of being a guest speaker...

Thrive Radio: Silence Your Inner Critic To Achieve Your Dreams

with Wendy Neu

In this podcast, I spoke with Aimee Montgomery, Digital Marketing Strategist for Entrepreneurs, Founders & Small Business, about

  • Ways we let our mindset get in our way of success

  • What is possible to us just by changing our mindset

  • How do we know what our strengths are

  • The difference between what we tell ourselves we are good at and what we are actually good at

  • How to align what we do with our values and strengths

  • How to discover the direction you are supposed to go in your career And you can even hear some great strengths insights about Aimee’s incredible journey!

Not only is this a great snapshot of all that I do in my business, but also WHY I do it. Curious? Click one of the links to listen in!

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