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Who is the person behind the leadership role?

Let's get right down to it. Who is the person behind the leadership role? This is the single biggest question that goes through my mind when I work with my clients. It is also the question that I ask myself when I meet people, make new business connections, and wonder about when I walk around looking at all of the faces at a networking event. I admit, delving into a deep conversation from a mere "Hi, how are you?" can be intense. Some people shy away from that kind of interaction. But I am inspired by knowing YOU - who you are, what you do, what experiences you have, what wins and successes you want to share, and what challenges are happening right now. To me, that's a real conversation. One of our greatest opportunities in life is defining who we are in the work that we do. Often I find that is the most daunting. At least, that has been my own experience as a business owner. I hear this from my clients as well. Now, take it one step further. Knowing who we are as leaders means that we can accept the unique talents and strengths that we have, change the internal scripts from days gone by, and explore the possibilities in front of us. After all, life is a journey! We get to decide in this moment how we approach the next moment. If you feel like things are "off" or that you are tired, stressed, and overwhelmed, the first place to look is you. How are you showing up each day? What are you telling yourself ABOUT your situation? If where you are now isn't what you want, what DO you want? Interested in exploring these questions and more? Let's chat...

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