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Why would I need a Professional Development Coach?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Let’s shine a spotlight on the internal workings of Crossroads Coaching and Consulting, Inc. I want to answer my most frequently asked question: “What exactly do you do?” I start a conversation that creates a shift, a glimmer. This is what I see in my client's eyes when I coach. It is the reason why I made coaching an integral part of my business. I know that coaching fuels something greater. The International Coaching Federation defines professional coaching as, “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” So, what does this mean? For many people, there is a tipping point in their work life. A crossroads… The old way of doing things just doesn't work anymore. Ever felt that way? Me too. Have you been pushing and pushing to get results? Are you searching for a breakthrough in your position, your business, your team, or your organization? Whether it is a small breakthrough that gets you measured incremental results, or a large life-altering /business-changing breakthrough, it can be tiring. Large or small, the breakthrough you are seeking happens when people, process, and plans all work together, seamlessly. Just like working gears on a bicycle, there is an effortless change, a "click," when all are in sync. Momentum builds and speed increases. This is the heart of Crossroads Coaching & Consulting, Inc. – the intersection of people, process, and plans. First, we start with people, with you, in particular. When you do more of what you love, be more of who you were meant to be, and live more in alignment with your own truth, you have a completely different outlook. This is where the conversation in professional coaching is most valuable. It is a creative means to explore possibilities and actions, not stuck points and old stories. You have talents and strengths that help you succeed. But tapping into your strengths sometimes feels hard because you often think about what is wrong with yourself, instead of what is right with yourself. You need to change your story. This is exactly where the coaching conversation starts. When we start with you and your strengths, you start to change your story. When I work one-on-one with people to help them discover their strengths, it is the single most fulfilling part of my work. The shift. The glimmer in the eye. A comment like, "I've never thought of it that way before." A new idea that simmers for a while. A wave that comes crashing down to create an "aha" moment. A pivotal moment in time where choice overrides status quo.

The very core of why I coach: Change. I have been through a great deal of change: spouse job loss, the death of a parent, grandparents, my own job loss, a new business, a shift back into the corporate world, and then coming out of the corporate world to continue my business. It has been a lot. I have even said on more than one occasion, "I really hate change." Well, lesson learned. Change happens whether we like it or not. And while I may not have liked it very much, I've worked my way through it, with the help of my own coach. I know first-hand what it feels like to go through change. I know what it feels like to be coached, to become clearer, even when life and career come crashing down. I know what it is like to feel empowered and positive again. I know what it is like to love what I have and love what I do. So, going back to the beginning – what exactly do I do? I coach because I want to help you tap into these strengths. I want to help you shift your paradigm and reach further than you ever thought possible. I care immensely about what you do. It matters. And so, do you.

My most fundamental belief is that you have strength beyond measure. There is a lot that is right with you and you are here to make a difference. Let’s start there and change your story.

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