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You Matter Now More Than Ever

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Welcome to my new and improved blog, launched in tandem with my newly refreshed website. I have spent many hours thinking about what matters most to you – what you want to read about, what help you need, what “aha” moment will move you to step into your leadership role with greater clarity, strength, and conviction. I have also done a great deal of coaching and consulting with leaders during the past few months to help them grow and develop in their leadership role. There is a common theme that I have observed.  At the very heart of so many frustrations that I keep hearing about, is the feeling that no matter what they do, it just doesn’t matter:

  • “I tried this;”

  • “I said that;”

  • “I told them this would happen and they didn’t listen;”

  • “It doesn’t matter.”  

Sound familiar? When the stakes are high, the pressure is on – for everyone.  You feel it and your team feels it. I have seen leaders get frustrated beyond measure and emotions rise to a new level. I know that pressure for results can be crushing. But in the chaos, there is one thing that you need to know with absolute certainty. You matter now more than ever. What you do and what you say impact your team immensely. They are looking to you to turn things around. Don’t do this alone. Work side-by-side with your team until the initial pressure is at bay, and then talk about how to make things better. Value your teams’ ideas and talk with them about their strengths. Unleash their talent.  Let your team know they matter, too. You are in a leadership role. Don’t shoot from the hip – make a plan. Bring your team along with you and be the leader they want to follow. Step into your leadership role, make a difference, and create breakthrough results with your team… because it matters. What are you doing right now to make a difference?  What would you like to do, but haven't started yet?  I would love to hear from you.

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